Huge thank you to The Porcupine’s Quill for supporting my book launch on July 21 (my sister Linda’s birthday!) and to Lee Parpart for the magnificent job she did as host. A few random screenshots below for those to remember the event and for those who weren’t able to attend to see what a wonderful night we had.

Stay tuned for more news and events – I am currently trying to pull together a Book Tour in the Time of Covid. As bookstores open across Ontario I am investigating ways to safely visit, provide support and do readings from Fair (masked and outdoors, I’m sure).

More information to come!

Lee Parpart is pictured top left (not the phone image, don’t be silly!). I won’t name the others but I will give you sample locations of where they Zoomed in from: Toronto, London, Guelph, Windsor, Ottawa & Mississauga ON, Santa Monica CA, Nelson BC, Halifax NS, and somewhere in PEI and somewhere in Connecticut.
A few different folks in this screenshot. Someone said something amusing because a few people are laughing!
Stephanie Small did a wonderful presentation on behalf of PQ’s Tim Inkster regarding his process to design the book cover. As Stephanie read Tim’s droll account of dealing with the resistant author (I guess that would be me), I couldn’t help laughing and, looking back, being thankful for his persistence in convincing me of an outstanding cover design. Thanks for your patience Tim!
Going through the various choices. To quote Tim’s words that Stephanie read: “An early version of the cover included a hairline white rule that defined the parameters of the text block inside the book but also suggested a kind of suspect parallax lens that illuminated the dichotomies as they appear in the photograph. The author couldn’t fathom the graphic wit of the device in play; neither could the editor, so we had to abandon the hairline, somewhat reluctantly.”
Going through the various type options. From the beginning, Tim chose “Beverly Hills”. I had asked him to consider “Broadway” but after seeing the options I, wisely, followed Tim’s recommendation.
One of two readings from my novel, Fair. Right above my head, very appropriately, are my editor, Chandra and Stephanie, the one who does everything at PQ. Not enough thanks possible from me to Chandra, Steph and everyone at PQ.

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